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48v dc motor

Ever-power 48V 1000W Electric motor (BRUSHED)
Conveyor Chain Voltage: 48 Volt DC
Output: 1000 Watt
Sprocket: 11T (8mm T8F chain)
Rated speed:3000RPM
Rated current: 26.7A
Rated Torque: 3.2Nm
Sprocket Type: 11t sprocket for T8F Chain (earlier types of this motor might have a smaller sprocket on them as they are usable with a smaller sprocket).

Weight 5.25Kg

1Kw power. Ungeared. Ideal for large scooters or bikes and trikes. You would use these in a set up where you wished to wthhold the original gearing. Extremely powerful, one of the largest motors Unite makes in a brushed engine.
These have also tested popular as a pump for either drinking water or hydraulics. For the price, they are a fantastic quality unit.

This model may be the second revision of the unit. It weighs significantly less than the unique and no longer needs the enthusiast that the original unit had. These are a mass produced unit which is why they are therefore cheap, though there is nothing inexpensive about the construction!

A lot of individuals ask us for revisions to the motor, ie they want to change the speed or the shaft because it’s not quite what their application requires but other parts of it are perfect, especially great rBVaSFuSlW AKggQAAKRrl1BC2g144deal of thought is so cheap in comparison to similar motors.
Generally while it is possible, the quantity would have to be viable for the factory to make the changes while maintaining the low cost.

I know the purchase price looks attractive and I’m sure with a shaft change it would be perfect for the application, but if you only want a few parts, then avoid being surprised when we come back to you with the purchase price for the adjustments. It’ll be there right up there alongside the types you can get from any various other factory (it loses its substantial price advantage)

The engine is speed controllable and reversible!



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