NIKAI’s NT 800 is a double free-circulation pallet conveyor transport program driven by smooth belts, timing belts or accumulation roller chain. With that one model, we’re able to realize procedures on the work piece from all 6 feasible sides. This conveyor is definitely specially designed to coordinate the diverse functions, manual or automatic, during assembly or manufacturing.

Among the principal features of the machine is its flexibility where in a moment we can recognize conveying functions or basic assembly. Later on, and going to to the new needs of customers, NIKAI can provide extensions by way of all of the available accessories this kind of transfers, elevators, lifting and positioning stations, switch stations, stoppers, etc.

The mechanical aspect of the system contains a chassis of extrusioned aluminium (two profiles linked together) where the upper part supports the conveying components (chain or timing belt) and above this, the pallets with their specific tooling.

For the correct sliding movement for the conveying components (chain or timing belt), the aluminium profiles have attached a yellow ceramic polyethylene material when using chains and a Family pet support bed when working with timing belts.

Variants exist when the drives are in end or central position. In the attached Stainless Steel Chain drawing, the different configurations can be observed.

The tooling pallets contain three parts: the sliding PET’s, the flange and the specific tooling necessary to move the work piece. The pallets could be halted or accumulated by means of stopper units since the chain or the timing belt is not physically joined up with to the 2Q==pallets involved.