This type of worm gear box has been trusted on the driveline (drive train) of the guts pivot irrigation Center-dive Gear Box Of Irrigation System system and the linear move (later center dive gear box of irrigation system45594501124move) irrigation system on THE UNITED STATES, European area and Middle East. It employs aluminum alloy case and major transmission parts are manufactured from high strength alloy. By utilization of lot sealing and dust-proof products it features light in weight, long service existence and good tightness aswell.

1. Torque capacity: 4,500 (510 N.m).
2. Ratio: 20:1,?30:1,?40:1,?50:1,?58:1, 60:1 (others available).
3. Accepts NEMA 56-C face motors with 0.625”shafts, 2” long with 0.19” key slot.
4. Multiple attach bolt patterns 5”×6”, 3.38”×6.38”match all pivots.
5. High strength aluminum bronze worm gear.