Agricultural Chain Gearbox

HZPT could offer proper agricultural chain gearbox for our customers according with their agricultural

machines. If dimension and Input speed and gear ratio can be found, HZPT chain sprocketscould offer you

whatever you want.

ODM (original design manufacturing) support is provided when manufactunng Chain Sprockets Gearbox agrtcultural chain gearbox.
The followings are its technical parameters:

Model Number: EP908324

Gearing Arrangement: Bevel We Miter

Output Torque: 935NM

Rated Power: 3 HP

Input Speed: 750 rpm

Output Speed: 48 rpm

Housing matenal: HT250

Gear matenal: 40CrMntl

Ratio: 15.6:1

Bolt torque: 16-20NM

Noise: 90db-1 meter

Color. Customer Requests