These DC motors are equipped with gear container and encoder. It uses 2 dc motor encoder 1 54d211b4 5dfa 4d5b 8a7d 1c1511bd5550phase or 2 channels (quadrature) incremental encoders to identify the speed of the motor, path of rotation and the distance it has travelled.

Leaf Chain encoder feedback data allows you to control your motor acceleration and direction efficiently. DC motors with encoder feed back signal usually called DC servo motors.

DC motors with encoder have many applications in robots, robot arm, CNC machine and several other applications that want accurate control of quickness, direction and placement. You can control your electric motor using microcontroller or arduino.

DC Motor Specifications

Voltage: 6:12 VDC
Output Power: 2.2 W
Gear Ratio: 1:75
Rated Speed: 133 RPM
Rated Torque: 25.4
Stall Current: 3A
Encoder Type: Hall impact quadrature encoder 5v (monitor position and path of rotation)
Size: 25 x 54 mm
Weight: 120 g
Shaft Diameter: 4mm