A milling cutter for a wood planetary gearbox working machine has pairs of foundation plates, (20) each plate having a recess (50) to received a reducing insert. Each pair of bottom plates is mounted on helpful information plate (24), and several such guideline plates are installed on a common tubular shaft (10). Each foundation plate has timg?image&quality=80&size=b9999 10000&sec=1562723739&di=428e1170bf1eef4a86e7567b3ab2b4ea&imgtype=jpg&er=1&src=http%3A%2F%2Fimg.isp.org.cn%2Fnimg%2Fd8%2F55%2F114289326f584fca071e80ccfe02 0x0 1%2Fcremallera cremalheira gear racka toothed rack. The toothed racks of every pair of base plates engage a common pinion (84) mounted on the tubular shaft. The radial distance of each bottom plate is adjusted by a screw and the racks and pinion ensure that the radial adjustment is definitely exactly the same for each person in the same pair of base plates. Make use of – Milling cutters for woodworking machines.