The series no-jam dredge pump is made by means of intro ducing overseas powerful energy conservation no-jam dredge pump technology and organizing the technological power. Its trart parameters all attain or exceed the technological normal of the samekind solution in the home and abroad. It introduces exclusive single-channel impeller, and motion seal is usually a tough alloy mechanic seal fitting manufactured of two groups of exclusive resources, motor is separated with oil chamber, it really is no?1am, wearies properly, obtaining correct model line, easy to utD?ze and retain, has large efficiency¡ê?saves power notably, will be the newest product on the similar type in our nation, and is deeply welcomed by its customers. Numerous models and unique stricture kinds on the pump could be picked.
The series no-jam GW%20Type%20No jam%20dredge%20pumpdredge pump is ideal for delivering industrial and municipal sewage. Its beat characteris that it could deliver sewage with sound particles and fibre material. Besides delivering sewage, it is also suitable for dredge pump, pulp pump, 1?£¤rating washing condensat?¡ê??ycle pump, pump for irrigation and so on. It truly is widely applied to such occasions as mining, building web page, hospital, hotel, sewage treatment.