Optibelt Taper Bushes

A taper bush is an automotive component that has several different mounting options. The design features a hub that fits a bush in three holes. The hub utilises multiple bolts and screws that run parallel to the hub axis and produce a wedging effect to secure the bush onto the shaft. Once secured to the shaft, this element can be easily removed. Taper bushes also benefit from asymmetric designs, and the hub into which they are installed often has three holes.

Optibelt taper bushes

The OPTIBELT taper bush is designed to transport a variety of materials. These bushings are available in both metric and imperial borings. You can choose a metric-only model or a metric-only one to suit your exact needs. These bushings are made with long-lasting, corrosion-resistant materials that will last for many years. They are available in a variety of sizes and are designed to meet the exact specifications of your equipment.

OPTIBELT manufactures the 3020×70-OPTI Taper Bush. It has a nominal bore of 70mm and is a convenient choice for metric and imperial sizes. It is easy to install and remove and comes with both metric and imperial sizes. The taper part of the component is machined with computer-etched markings to ensure accurate sizing. Optibelt taper bushes ensure smooth installation and easy alignment.

Optibelt split taper bushes

Optibelt split taper bushes are a great way to secure your pulleys to the drive shaft of your vehicle. These taper-lock bushes are precision-cast iron and feature a four-digit part number. They are available in imperial and metric keyways and are commonly used for V-Pulleys, Chain Sprockets, Timing Belt Pulleys, Couplings, and Weld-On Hubs.

The optimum solution for your vehicle’s timing belt needs, Optibelt split taper bushes have double-split barrels to accommodate variations in shaft sizes. These bushings are made of specially-treated polyamide fabric and carbon fibre cord and are resistant to most fluids, chemicals, and oils. Their patented design makes them the perfect replacement for worn-out or damaged components. These split taper bushes feature a two-piece barrel that enables easy mounting and removal.

Optibelt conical taper bushes

Optibelt conical taper berries are the perfect choice for a large range of applications. They are made from steel with an 8 degree taper and feature a black oxide finish. Optibelt conical taper bushes are also available for other applications. If you are interested in a bespoke bushes, please contact our Technical Support team. We will be happy to assist you with your specific requirements.

Optibelt conical taper berries are a universal, multipurpose nut and bolt that will work on virtually any type of shaft. These bushes are split in two and feature a conical outer surface and a cylindrical inner bore. They feature Whitworth threads for easy installation and a high torque rating. These bushes are available in both metric and imperial sizes. They are highly effective in high torque applications due to their uniform size and shape.



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