pto 201811071616149852734Gearbox For Generator

generator agricultural gearbox has the features of light excess weight, modest volume, substantial transmission ratio, higher performance, smooth rotation, reduced sound and great applicability.

one) Output velocity:.19~60r/min

two) Output torque: up to 260,000N.m

three) Motor electricity: .four~1293kW

four) Mounted kind: foot-mounted ,flange-mounted

pto Gearbox For Generator

The agricultural division is divided into gearboxes (speed adjust gears, parallel and correct angle shaft velocity increasers and reducers), driveshafts and protection products largely employed on agricultural equipments.

The agricultural division transmissions are hugely personalized and available in many innovative versions. Software engineering and substantial design functionality let to fix any customer’s difficulties, granting steady advancement, high quality and agricultural gearbox for generator15513606228whole provider.

pto Gearbox For Generator

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