Steel sprocket

Ever-power Steel Sprockets combine leading-advantage technology with top components to produce strong and lightweight sprockets that meet or exceed optimum quality standards arranged for the motorcycle sector. All sprockets are heat-treated and sandblasted to reduce material surface tension.
Front Sprocket Features
Made with C45 steel and SCM415 chromoly steel alloy
Rear Sprocket Features
Made with top-quality-quality C45 high-carbon steel
Computer-designed to achieve ultimate strength at minimum weight
Ever-power combines leading-edge technology with top components to produce the ultimate quality sprocket Ever-power Steel Sprockets are made in C1045 plate Induction Hardened or temperature treated plate with hardness’s from 400 to 500 BHN can be found. Please specify which materials you require. Unless otherwise requested, O.D. of hubs will be enough to support bore and keyway preferred. Keys are not supplied with these items unless requested or unless mounted on shafts. Split-for-welding or split for bolting sprockets offer an economical means of installation sprockets on shafts where it is prohibitive to dismount the shaft assembly. Many sizes of sprockets are stocked with bores, keyways, and set screws already provided. Plates or partially completed sprockets are also stocked. In the case of long link sprockets and idlers, make sure you specify the size of chain that will be utilized. Brass and nylon bushing material is stocked for instant insertion.
Q & A
Why did you select this?
BikeBandit Store
Steel for longer existence and JT’s reputation
Cost C? on Nov 13, 2019
to change the gearing on the bike to make it more trail friendly
Expenses W? on Oct 25, 2019
Steel for longer life and JT’s reputation
Price C? on Nov 13, 2019
So that I will progress gas millage.
Nothing will work together with your fa?on Nov 12, 2019
So that I’ll progress gas millage.
Nothing will work with your fa? on Nov 12, 2019
For the same reason I always do, Pinkie- WORLD DOMINATION!
Ethan L?on Oct 19, 2019
Does it include front and back sprockets?
Trent S upon Mar 8, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Many thanks for your question! Regrettably this is simply not a package and only the rear or front sprocket come in the images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRUrz0tp3DSbfDiXTjGG0iz23 5U1E sUl8CCPWmAZEFKsj97L1purchase price indicated. Please let us know if there is anything else we can perform for you by contacting us by email at [email protected] We are generally more than happy to help.
2003 rebel rear sprocket is 33 may i use a smaller one to get more top end speed?
A shopper on Jul 1, 2019
OPTIMUM SOLUTION: Kent, thank you for the issue. Yes, a smaller back sprocket are certain to get you more high class speed but will create less acceleration. Additionally you might have to cut or swap out your chain, and make a few minor adjustments. Please tell us if there is anything else we can perform for you personally by contacting us by email at [email protected] We are at all times more than happy to help.

Ever-power is currently offering an all metal motor sprocket kit with a Life Time Guarantee on the trunk sprocket. Yes you did just read that Life Time Assure on all motocross steel sprocket.
No other sprocket producer will provide you with that. You obtain the same quality metal sprocket as our Stealth Sprocket. This economy sprocket kit will allow actually the weekend warrior to have got long lasting drive components on the bikes. The kit includes a recently redesigned all steel back sprocket, our light weight, grooved and long lasting counter shaft sprocket and a RK X Ring chain. With an excellent suggested retail price.
Try to ride 20,000 miles on a Hayabusa with an aluminium sprocket or the complete Dakar rally using one sprocket. What about the Baja 1000? They are extremes and factory groups actually buy Supersprox-stealth for these gruelling challenges. Don’t waste your cash on aluminium, invest in Supersprox-stealth.
Make an effort to ride 20,000 miles upon a Hayabusa with an aluminium sprocket or the whole Dakar rally on one sprocket. What about the Baja 1000? They are extremes and factory teams purchase Supersprox-stealth for these gruelling difficulties. Don’t waste your cash on aluminium, invest in Supersprox-stealth.
This might appear to be an unusual question, but there’s a whole lot of misinformation out there. When you think about bearings for an example. They`re steel on steel and that works great. Steel on steel may be the best combination. So when a dealer tells you steel teeth can damage your chain, ask yourself if they just sell aluminium sprockets. We ensure our sprockets. If they don’t do what we claim, you can have your money back.
There is absolutely no doubt, riveting may be the only probability for fixing such a high performance sprocket. We know how to use this technology, forging rivets in to the sprockets. We have never had a unitary rivet break since needs to produce these sprockets. That’s over 6 million rivets previously 20 years.
Its ideal for any bike up to 1400 cc. Have you got a powerful 4 stroke or functionality street bike? Covering high mileage or street racing, then this is your best choice. An individual sprocket can last more than 20,000 miles (See maintenance instructions).
Ever-power Metal Sprockets are made to meet or exceed O.E.M. specifications. Manufactured from high-grade hardened steel, these sprockets are made to be durable and offer long wear. Lightening holes enhance the aesthetic charm while reducing weight. Main Drive Rear Metal Sprockets are produced with precision for a perfect fit. Whether you trip a motorcycle or ATV, Primary Drive is sure to offer the cost effective in sprockets.
Durable replacement steel rear sprocket for motorcycles and ATV’s.
Designed to O.E.M. specs using a high-grade hardened steel.
Manufactured with precision for an ideal fit.
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Ever-power Sprockets Steel Sprocket



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