Types of Servo Gear Reducers

A servo gearbox is a type of geared motor that can reduce the torque required for a movement. It is made of spur gears or helical gears, depending on the application. Planetary gearboxes are popular for servo applications, as they offer high torsional stiffness and less backlash. These gearboxes are usually lubricated with grease or oil. Compared to spur gears, helical gears also feature higher stiffness, reduced backlash, and lower noise.

A servo gearbox is one of the most important components of any modern motion control system, and it is often the first component that people notice. Its primary function is to convert high-speed motors into controlled movements. Having a high-speed motor and gearbox will allow a robot to move faster and more smoothly. Without a gearbox, the servo motor would overshoot the target unless it was connected to a gearbox. It is therefore important to make sure that the gearbox has low backlash throughout its lifetime.

Besides a compact planetary gearbox, Andantex also manufactures a high-quality, modular servo gearbox. Depending on the application, the servo gearbox can be installed in various positions, including right angles and in-line. It is made with a dynamic MSK motor for high torque. The Coaxial Servo gearbox is made for universal use and has a compact, symmetrical design and adaptable motor connection. Accudrive Series P features precision bearings, a compact design, and a planetary output stage. The Series F stainless steel gearbox is also rated IP69k and is designed for use in sterile environments.

Inline gearboxes are the most common type of servo reducer. There are three main types of servo reducers: right-angle, parallel, and inline. In-line configurations are preferred for most applications and are often used for applications where the configuration of the machine cannot be changed. Inline gearboxes are more compact and efficient, so they are generally recommended for most machines.

LS Electric MSS series of high precision planetary gear reducers are designed to mate with its L7C FBL/FCL series servo motors. They have a small footprint, and feature extremely low backlash. Meanwhile, SureGear PGB series high-precision right angle servo gear reducers offer similar technical specifications to PGA series inline gear reducers. If space and clearance are constraints, PGB series might be the best choice for your needs.

Another type of servo gearbox is a rack-and-pinion drive. Both types have rack & pinion features. A servo-reducer and preloaded split pinion output are used to drive the servo-gearbox. A servo-reducer and a preloaded split pinion output reduce the load inertia and improve the responsiveness of the system.

These servo motors provide the flexibility and torque needed to accomplish a variety of tasks, including steering and rotating. But unlike a wheel, a servo motor does not have the torque to move a large mass. A servo gearbox allows a servo motor to control the mass and move it more efficiently. Additionally, the servo motor can accelerate faster thanks to the helical cut gearset.



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