A taper bush is a type of securing element for a hub and bush assembly. These bushes are longitudinally-split and contractible, and are used for many different applications in various industries. Some common applications include securing pulleys and wheels. There are many different kinds of taper bushes, and the types that you’ll find on the market today are listed below. Read on to learn more.

A taper bushes is made of high-grade steel, and is typically used with a standard taperlock toothed belt or sprocket. The bore is conical, and taper bushes have a range of key ways to fit different applications. You’ll also find that most of these bushes are available with matching screws. They can be used with many different types of pulleys, and are available in metric, inch, and metric sizes.

A taper bush is an economical and convenient method for fixing components to a shaft. Because they’re pre-machined for the right bore and keyway, they save you time and money. You can also match half holes and make a complete hole. The taper bush is threaded on one side and has a lock-nut on the hub side. They’re also very flexible, so they can be used to connect different components of a machine.

A taper bush is an effective locking mechanism for power transmission drives. Precision cast iron is used to create these components, and they are precision-etched to ensure the right size. High-tensile screws drive the taper part of the component to the hub. This secure attachment ensures the transmission of high torque. A taper bush can be used to secure sprockets in ceiling lighting fixtures, and it can also be used for flush mounting in the ceiling.