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What Is a Hydraulic Cylinder?

A hydraulic cylinder is an instrument that converts fluid energy into linear motion. It is a part of any machine and works to make its motion smooth and precise.

Hydraulic cylinders are available in a variety of designs and sizes, depending on their application. They are commonly used for lifting equipment and are used on many construction machines including excavators and cranes.

The main components of a hydraulic cylinder are the barrel, piston rod and cylinder head. The barrel is typically a seamless forged tube, which may be ground and honed internally. The piston rod is a hard chrome-plated cold-rolled steel that enters the cylinder through an eye or flange. The cylinder head is typically a spherical surface with a drilled hole for the entry and exit of hydraulic fluid.

There are two primary styles of hydraulic cylinder construction: tie rod style and welded body type. Tie rod style cylinders have a fixed-length barrel that is secured to a tie bar. A tee connection is also common, but this may damage the barrel if done incorrectly.

Welded body hydraulic cylinders do not have tie bars, but the barrel is secured to the end covers with a welded connection. A front bar is then typically inserted or darted to the cylinder barrel for ease of assembly and disassembly.

Some welded body hydraulic cylinders are fitted with a double acting system. These are ideal for use in presses and chippers, as well as all types of raising and lowering devices.

Choosing the right hydraulic cylinder for your project is essential to ensure optimal performance and reliability. The correct design and components can significantly reduce downtime, as well as maintenance costs.

For example, a faulty cylinder that is subject to frequent leaks can cost a significant amount in downtime and repairs, compared to one with high-quality connectors and components. This can cause a large impact on the productivity of a company, which is why it’s important to ensure you choose the best possible hydraulic cylinder for your needs.

The optimum cylinder for you will depend on the applications you intend to use it in and the level of power you require. Investing in a top-quality, branded hydraulic cylinder is the best way to ensure that you get a quality product that will perform to the highest of standards and last as long as you need it to.

Cylinders are made from a wide range of materials, ranging from nitrile rubber to viton (a fluorocarbon compound). There are a number of seals and accessories available for different operating conditions, from high pressures to extreme temperatures.

A seal is a piece of metal that protects the cylinder against contaminants in the hydraulic fluid, keeping the pressure chamber free from dirt, debris and contamination. The most important seals are the piston and rod seals, which are made from nitrile rubber, polyurethane or viton.

There are a range of different materials and finishes to choose from, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some are easy to clean, others are more corrosion-resistant and some offer increased strength or resistance.



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