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Each time you use the lawn mower, check out the oil degree to see if it is amongst the higher and reduced scales of the oil scale. 5 several hours right after the use of new devices must be changed with oil, the use of 10 hrs after the oil should be changed after again, in accordance to the requirements of the handbook after the normal alternative of oil. Change the oil ought to be in the engine in a warmth condition. Filling the oil can not be too significantly, normally it will appear: black smoke, deficiency of power (cylinder coke also significantly, spark plug hole small), the engine overheating and so on. Filling the oil can not be also small, normally it will be: the engine equipment Gearbox for Agricultural Machinery sounds, piston ring to accelerate put on and damage, and even show up Lawa and other phenomena, ensuing in significant injury to the motor. Use must spend focus to safety.