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High Efficiency Power Transmission Machine Steering 4 Way Bevel Gearbox

right angles change transmission directions,  Compared to worm gear reducer: spiral bevel gear box is of flexiable operational capacity,  high transmission torque and save more cost.

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planetary speed reducer has the features of light weight, small volume, high transmission ratio, high efficiency, smooth rotation,

planetary speed reducer has the features of light weight, small volume, high transmission ratio, high efficiency, smooth rotation,  low noise  and good applicability.

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Industrial Planetary Gearbox

The industrial planetary gearbox adopots the involute planetary gear transmission with inner mesh,outer mesh and divided power employed reasonably . It is characterized by light weight, small volume, wide range of transmission ratio, high efficiency, stable operation, low noise and high adaptability. 

High quality  speed gearbox industrial gearbox speed gearbox reducer

 Standard features of reducers include tapered roller bearings, large inspection plates, a positive splash system for lubrication, extra wide bearing spans and center bearing supports; all to provide a rugged, reliable unit with proven dependability. Can be assembled with a variety of horizontal input and output shaft arrangements extending on either side of the speed reducer.

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planetary gearbox 500x500 1
plentary gearbox 1
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