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If you’re looking to improve the life and outputs of your conveyor chains and drive chains or simply want some advice, contact Sprockets and Chain today!

A roller chain, known also in the industry as transmission chain is commonly used to transmit power from a geared motor drive. Machinery speed can then be altered by varying the size of the drive sprockets used.

Roller chain is produced as simplex, duplex, triplex up to mega plex from some of the leading suppliers in the world. Roller chain can be supplied in various materials from mild steel chain to Nickel Plated or in stainless steel for high strength agricultural chain. Other roller chain is also available which can be run lube free known as specialist lubricated chain. Roller chains are available across a range of applications and even to suit the most demanding of environment.

There are many other variations of chain such as leaf and conveyor. Conveyor Chain, which as the name would suggests is used to convey products, generally within an industrial application such as a car factory.

Leaf chains generally have greater tensile strength than roller versions, and run over sheaves rather than sprockets. They are commonly used as counterweight for machine tools, elevator and oven doors, and fork lift truck masts, spinning frames and similar lifting or balancing applications.

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tainless Steel Sprocket for Roller Chain, Agriculture Chain (Europen, ANSI Standard)

1. Produce strictly in accordance with standard dimension
2. Material: 1045 Steel / Alloy Steel / Stainless Steel 304 & 316 
3. Standard: ANSI, DIN, JINS, ISO, KANA,Standard America or Customer’s Drawing
4. Pilot bore, finished bore, taper bore and special bore. 
5. Bright surface / high precision / Blacking /Electrophoretic-Coated

6. Advanced heat treatment and surface treatment craft
7. Best quality and competitive price. 
8. Welcome OEM / ODM 

9. Processing Equipment: Hobbing machine, Slotting machine, CNC lathes and other equipment.
10. Sprocket Models: Contains special sprocket according to customer’s drawings, standard sprocket (American standard and metric).

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