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power lock


Clamping Element

Locking Assembly / Power Lock / Clamping Element / Locking Device

It  can replace single keyway and spline ,in order to realize the connection between machinery parts (such as gear wheel,flywheel) and shafts,so the loading can be transmitted.Through the function of high strength of bolt when locking device is working,enormous strengh of tight holding power between hub, inner loop and shaft are produced.When bearing the weight and loading depend on connection power between locking device and machinery and additional frictional torce to transmission torsion or power on shaft.

Top Quality Power Transmission Parts Power Locks

Easy installed and removed: no heating, cooling or knocking while installation;Releasing and pushing out screws without striking

Random axial position and radial direction for installation

Easy opearation in narrow space

central power door lock universal car central lock

1 master 3 slaves central locking system
Universal specification,360 degree rotatable
4 mounting holes for easy installation
Remote lock/unlock
Electronic lock/pneumatic lock programmable

Auto sliding power door lock actuator for central lock

The motor reduces speed through gear pair, and at the same time drives potentiodynamic device to automatically adjust the steering and stopping position of the transmission mechanism, connecting rod transmission, so as to adjust the opening and closing of the air-conditioning door of automobile.

Top Quality Power Transmission Parts Power Locks

• Free from angular and axial backlash • Overload protection in some occasions (prevent overload slipping) • Key slot can be added to prevent overload slipping • Shaft and hub can be designed smaller,lighter, cost and space saving • Saving cost by reducing machining accuracy of shaft and hole


Locking devices (referred to as the expansion joint sleeve) is a new type of advanced mechanical basic parts.

It is a new type of keyless coupling device widely used in the world to realize the transmission of load and friction by tightening 12.9 high-strength screws to achieve the load transmission.

The main function of locking devices is to replace the joint function of the single key and the spline to realize the connection of the mechanical parts (such as gears, flywheels, pulleys, etc.) with the shaft to transmit the load.

(1) The use of expansion sleeves makes the manufacture and installation of the main parts simple. The machining of the shaft and the hole in which the expansion sleeve is mounted does not require high precision manufacturing tolerances like an interference fit. There is no need to heat, cool or pressurize the expansion sleeve, just tighten the bolts to the required torque. And easy to adjust, the hub can be easily adjusted to the desired position on the shaft. Expansion sleeves can also be used to join parts with poor weldability.

This has many unique advantages over the general interference joint and keyed joints

(2) The expansion sleeve has a long service life and high strength. The expansion sleeve relies on the friction transmission, and there is no key groove weakening on the joint member, and there is no relative movement, and no wear occurs during the work.
(3) When the expansion sleeve is overloaded, it will lose the coupling effect and protect the equipment from damage.

 The expansion sleeve can bear multiple loads, and its structure can be made into various patterns. Depending on the size of the installed load, it is also possible to use multiple expansion sleeves in series.
(5) The expansion sleeve is easy to disassemble and has good interchangeability. Since the expansion sleeve can combine the hubs with large matching gaps, the bolts can be loosened during disassembly, so that the joints can be easily disassembled. When the expansion is tight, the contact surface is tightly fitted and is not easy to cause rust, and is also easy to be coupled and disassembled.