Precision Custom Plastic Bearing Shaft Bushings Hollow Rubber Bush

Depending on the amount of components, the sprockets can be divided into numerous kinds. First of all, there is the split sprocket, which represents a great alternative for the solid kind that permits a fast installation without preventing the alignment or the shaft. Second of all, there is the TB (the taper bushed) that is basically a bushed sprocket (interchangeable), which offers a positive grip in the case of the driven shaft. Thirdly, we have the QD (the quick detachable) type. In this case the tapered bushing is closed into the bore, which is machined inside the sprocket. For this, a tight grip is offered since the bushing comes inserted inside the sprocket, compressing the shaft.

High Quality Gear Pump Bushing Metal Polymer Composite Bearing PTFE Bronze Steel Bush

Printing machine, woven machine, tobacco and gymnastic machinery, pneumatic cylinder etc. Steel+Bronze+PTFE+Filler

mild steel taper bush

Steel, stainless steel, copper, bronzes, aluminum. Per customer’s requirement. Plain, black, ZP, HDG, black phosphate,  electrophoresls

Stainless Steel Bush/ Stainless Steel Sleeve

Stainless Steel Bush/ Stainless Steel Sleeve Stainless steel 304 Bushing, Sleeve Forging, Heat Treatment, CNC Machining.

Precision Custom Plastic Bearing Shaft Bushings Hollow Rubber Bush

Anodized different color,Mini polishing&brushing,Electronplating(zinc plated,nickel plated,chrome plated),Power coating&PVD coating


As you have probably expected, the sprockets have a large range of applications. They can be utilized as farm implements (seed fertilizer drills) or in the bike sector. In the latter case, there are normally 2 types of sprockets - the front and the rear one (they are known under the name of the driving and the driven sprocket). Article Source:

Next to this, a sprocket can also have automobile applications. In the case of the wheeler scooters, the sprocket is a wheel with metal teeth and a chain which rides on it. They are necessary if you want to obtain a great mobility for the wheelers. Article Source:

As a conclusion we can say that sprockets are very important in many applications. Just like in some other power transmission sources (gearboxes, universal joints), these also represents a hot spot for many people. Article Source:

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