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YC series heavy-duty single-phase motors are suitable for small size machine tools and water pumps, especially suitable for family workshops where only single-phase power be supplied. This series motors are designed with the latest technology, manufactured with the quality materials, have following features: good performance, safe and reliable operation, nice appearance, convenient maintenance, meet the IEC standards.

YC series motors are of IP44 totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) type, capacitor starting for rated output up to 3HP, on rated voltage and 50Hz, the starting torque is three times more than the rated torque while 60Hz is 2.75 times more. Capacitors start and run type for Motors 4HP and above, it have following features: high starting torque, smoothrunning, low temperature rise, low noise and greater overload performance.
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We have devoted ourselves in motor control system for more than 10 years. Our products are sold to all over the world. We can provide electric ac motor, motor controller (both ac motor controller and bldc motor controller), dashboard, dc-dc converter, etc. Our driving system is suitable for various types of electric vehicle, like golf cart, electric tricycle, electric tuk tuk, electric atv or utv, electric car (both for cargo or passenger).  7.5kw/10kw/15kw electric car conversion kit are especially for those who want to retrofit their fuel cars to EVs. Moreover, Our controller and motor can be applied to electric boat and forklift.

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Planetary Gear Motor

The planetary gear motor is a set of gears to which the transmission shaft is linked. It usually includes several separate parts. The outside gears differ in size, creating unique gear ratios. These are the gear combinations used when the vehicle shifts. When the transmission shifts into first, the first planetary gear begins to move. If the vehicle begins to travel, the transmission moves into second. The faster the car travels, the higher gear ratios are used.

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