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Factory Price WLW Vertical Portable Corrosion-resistant Oil-free Piston Reciprocating Vacuum Pump

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Presenting our WLW Vertical Portable Corrosion-resistant Oil-free Piston Reciprocating Vacuum Pump at an unbeatable factory price. Designed for performance and durability, this pump is a testament to our commitment to quality and efficiency.

Features and Functionality

Our vacuum pump is corrosion-resistant and oil-free, ensuring a clean, contamination-free operation. This makes it an ideal choice for industries requiring high levels of hygiene and cleanliness. The pump is also designed with portability in mind, allowing for easy transport and setup, making it a convenient choice for various industrial applications.

Product Specifications

Here are the detailed technical specifications of our vacuum pump:

Unique Selling Points

  • Highly efficient pumping capacity
  • Exceptional pumping efficiency
  • Capable of handling multiple gases
  • Stable and reliable performance

Application Scenarios

Application Scenarios

Our reciprocating vacuum pump finds its use in various industries such as the chemical industry, medicine, food, and more. These industries require vacuum distillation, vacuum evaporation, vacuum drying, vacuum concentration, vacuum impregnation, and other similar processes.

About the Product

Our vacuum pump offers numerous advantages such as easy installation, low maintenance, and exceptional durability. It operates on a low pressure, ensuring safe and reliable operation. The pump boasts 14.75 Horsepower and an electric power source. The outlet size is DN125, and the voltage requirement is 380V. The pump comes with a customizable cable length and a 1-year warranty.

Product Selection and Maintenance

When choosing a reciprocating vacuum pump, factors such as the type of gas to be pumped, the required vacuum degree, the pumping speed, and the power supply should be considered. Maintenance and upkeep requirements for our vacuum pump are minimal, ensuring a long and trouble-free service life.


EVER-POWER is a leading player in the Chinese vacuum pump market. Our product range includes reciprocating vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pumps, Roots vacuum pumps, rotating piston vacuum pumps, and the new rotary vane vacuum pump. Our top-of-the-line automatic CNC production equipment and automatic assembly equipment guarantee the quality of our products.

Other products we supply include 2be series water ring vacuum pumps, 2bva series water ring vacuum pumps, rotary drilling rig oil cylinders, liquid (water) ring vacuum pumps, belt drive 2X rotary vane vacuum pumps, low-level steam jet vacuum pumps, water jet vacuum systems, air-cooled Roots pumps. We welcome customers to customize according to drawings or samples.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the common issues with rotary vane vacuum pumps?
A: Common issues include decreased efficiency, excessive noise or vibration, and oil leaks.

Q: How often should I service my rotary vane vacuum pump?
A: It’s recommended to service your pump every 3-6 months, depending on usage.

Q: Do you provide customized vacuum pumps?
A: Yes, at SSJ, we welcome customers to customize their orders based on their specific requirements.

Q: How do I know if my pump issue has been resolved?
A: Conduct a thorough testing of the pump under normal operating conditions. If it operates smoothly and efficiently, the issue is likely resolved.

Q: How can I prevent future issues with my rotary vane vacuum pump?
A: Regular preventative maintenance is key to avoiding future issues.