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China factory Vh9 Vertical Slewing Drive Gearbox with 24VDC Motor for Single Axis Solar Racking Mounting planetary gearbox

Product Description

VH9 Vertical Slewing Drive Gearbox With 24VDC Motor For 60-100pcs Solar Panels Single Axis Solar Racking Mounting

Model VH9 Square Tube Shaft 110mm
24VDC motor Yes Customized Yes
Holdng Torque 56Kn.m Tiliting moment Torque 12Kn.m
Output Torque 6405N.m Output Speed 0.571rpm
Corrosion Protection C3 Or C4 Optional IP Class IP66
Hard Limit ±60° Gear Ratio 61:1

VH9 Technology Specification


Product Advantage

Slewing drives sit on the center axis rotation of the torque tube drive line, they can be set as close to the ground as the size of the solar panels will permit. This allows the shortest, strongest, and least expensive underlying structure to be built for supporting the solar trackers in the field, which is a considerable amount of the overall cost incurred.

Slewing drives rotate 360˚ continuously, so it’s up to the solar tracking design engineer to limit their rotation at whichever angle is desired for the particular equipment. The selection is endless. For linear actuators though the size, cost, and approvals are unwieldy for anything more than +/-45˚.

Installation of a slewing drive is simply the fastening of the main structural bolts (normally 4 fasteners). There is no sub-assembly, post qualification, lubrication, inspection, or other work required. 

Slewing drives are shown to last 25-30 years in solar applications, with some models even available in a maintenance free version. 

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Products Application

CHINAMFG Drive slewing drive VH9 is a good solution to 60-100pcs single axis solar tracker design.
With ISO and CE certification,our slewing drive gear motor is widely export to USA,Canada,Germany,Spain,France,Poland,Turkey,Korea,Australia,South Africa,India, Brazil,Chile…

Products Certificate

Our slewing drive gear motor have arroved by CE and ISO2001 certificate.


It is sincerely looking CHINAMFG to cooperating with you for and providing you the best quality product & service with all of our heart!

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Feature: Corrosion-Resistant
Step: Double-Step
Openness: Closed
Installation: Vertical
Transmission Form: Worm
Type: Single-Row Ball


Customized Request


Steps to Replace a Faulty Gearbox in an Automobile

Replacing a faulty gearbox in an automobile is a complex task that requires proper tools, skills, and safety precautions. Here are the general steps involved in the process:

  1. Prepare the Vehicle: Park the vehicle on a flat surface and engage the parking brake. Disconnect the battery to ensure safety during the procedure.
  2. Drain Fluids: Drain the transmission fluid from the old gearbox into a suitable container.
  3. Disconnect Components: Remove any components obstructing access to the gearbox, such as the driveshaft, exhaust system, and linkage.
  4. Suspend the Engine: If necessary, use an engine hoist or support to suspend the engine safely.
  5. Support the Gearbox: Use a transmission jack to support the weight of the gearbox.
  6. Remove Gearbox: Detach the gearbox from the engine by removing bolts and disconnecting the clutch or torque converter.
  7. Install New Gearbox: Position the new gearbox onto the engine and secure it in place with bolts.
  8. Reconnect Components: Reattach the driveshaft, exhaust system, and linkage that were disconnected earlier.
  9. Refill Fluids: Fill the new gearbox with the appropriate transmission fluid according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  10. Lower Engine: Carefully lower the engine back into its original position if it was suspended.
  11. Test and Adjust: Start the vehicle and test the new gearbox for proper operation. Check for any leaks, unusual noises, or gear shifting issues.
  12. Final Check: Double-check all connections and ensure that all components are properly secured.
  13. Dispose of Old Fluid: Dispose of the old transmission fluid safely and responsibly.
  14. Dispose of Old Gearbox: Properly dispose of the old gearbox according to local regulations.

It’s important to note that gearbox replacement can vary significantly depending on the vehicle’s make and model. It’s recommended to consult the vehicle’s service manual or seek professional assistance if you’re not experienced in automotive repair.

China factory Vh9 Vertical Slewing Drive Gearbox with 24VDC Motor for Single Axis Solar Racking Mounting   planetary gearbox	China factory Vh9 Vertical Slewing Drive Gearbox with 24VDC Motor for Single Axis Solar Racking Mounting   planetary gearbox
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