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worm and wheel steering gear

A worm gear system contains a worm and worm wheel. The worm resembles a screw, which 201910101427056808601meets with a worm wheel, as shown in the photo. When rotational power is put on the worm, it rotates against the wheel and transfers capacity to the worm wheel. The machine is designed so that the worm can certainly turn the gear, however the gear cannot turn the worm. In some styles, the friction between the equipment and worm keeps the worm in place. This feature can be extremely useful in some applications.
Worm gears are the most compact kind of system and provide high-ratio speed reduction. They are often the preferred kind of gearing system when space is bound and large equipment reductions are needed. Worm gears can be used to either greatly boost torque or greatly reduce speed. Also, they are the smoothest and quietest of the gear systems, so long as they are correctly mounted and lubricated.
Another advantage of worm gears is certainly that they have good meshing effectiveness. To become most effective, it is important that they are manufactured with high quality standards to ensure all gear requirements are exactly met.
Precision Worm Gears from Equipment Motions
HZPT includes a long history of manufacturing worm gears. Our worm gears are custom made with precision, therefore our customers can rely on us to generate high quality gears designed to their precise specifications. Whether you need high or low worm and wheel steering gear volume, large or little size worm gears, we are able to accommodate a multitude of requirements. Contact us with questions or to get a quote.



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